The Omraam Onlus Foundation, founded in 2013 by the will of Founders : Carlo Belli, Daniele Garella, Francesco Mossolin, aims to study and disseminate the thought of the philosopher Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in various academic and social fields.

There Foundation consists of the following Administrative bodies :

  • The President (Carlo Belli)
  • The Board of Directors (Carlo Belli, Daniele Garella, Francesco Mossolin)
  • The scientific Committee : the Scientific Committee of the Foundation is made up of experts and scholars from various European countries:

Carlo Belli (Italy)
Carmen Carballo (Spain)
Daniele Garella (Italy)
Dianella Gambini (Italy)
Dorothée Servaux (Germany)
Francesco Mossolin (Italy)
Giulia Scarpa (Italy)
Helena Rodriguez (Portugal)
Ludmila Balagurova (Ukraina)
Marina Lev (Russia)
Roberta Frediani (Italy)
Serenella Castri (Italy)
Sissel Klaebo (Norway)
Sylvaine Brocard (France)


  • The Guarantors Committee : the Committee of Guarantors is made up of personalities of high moral integrity, guaranteeing the Foundation’s activity:

Béatrice Lejbowicz (France)
Gemma Ferasin (Italy)
Janine Brouet (France)
Laura Galgani (Italy)
Luciana Battini (Italy)
Mauro Minardi (Italy)

Melania Donato (Italy)


  • L’ Participants’ Assembly : participants are all those who participate in various capacities in the activities of the Foundation.

For further information write to: