The Yoga of Nutrition

The Teaching of OM Aïvanhov pays particular attention to nutrition and the way we eat. Aïvanhov Talks about Nutrition Yoga and the Foundation therefore follows his indications by organizing meetings and lunches to be shared according to this Teaching.

“The meal is a magical ceremony thanks to which nourishment must be transformed into health, energy, love and light” .
OM Aïvanhov

This is why it is important to consume healthy foods that are not chemically treated and avoid meat: “The flesh represents violence on the physical plane, sensuality on the astral plane, selfishness on the mental plane” It is also important to eat in silence and in a harmonious context, so that food is considered as “love letter sent to us by the Creator” may it become perfect nourishment not only for the physical body, but also for the emotional body, the mental body and all spiritual bodies.