Universal White Brotherhood

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There Universal White Brotherhood is a movement created in the early twentieth century by Peter Deunov in Bulgaria. Carried by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov in France in 1937, it is now a movement of a spiritual character spread all over the world. The term “WHITE” contains no reference to an ethnicity’s skin color, but refers to – in analogy to the white color, which is the synthesis of all other colors – to the idea of Universal Brotherhood, which embraces all human beings, without exception, inviting them to realize a fraternal, harmonious life on earth, respecting every race, every religion and every nationality.

There are two types of Universal White Brotherhood : the first refers to associations of a national nature present in many countries around the world. The objective of these associations, non-profit, non-political and based on voluntary work, is to operate in the field of spirituality, culture, sociality and solidarity, to promote the cultural, moral and spiritual growth of individuals and civil societies. .

They are intended to study, disseminate, transmit and put into practice the teaching of the philosopher Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov , which proposes the spread of the universal values of brotherhood and solidarity among peoples, the harmonious synthesis of the different aspects of a world culture, the promotion of the moral values of the individual, social, economic and technological development in harmony with nature.

Alongside these national associations there is another Universal White Brotherhood, that which Aïvanhov call her Great Universal White Brotherhood , composed of all the Illuminati, the Masters, the Saints, the Initiates of all times and of all cultures, who have always helped and supported the evolution of Humanity.

Some observations by Aïvanhov on Universal Great White Brotherhood :

“The Great White Brotherhood is a power that extends throughout the planetary system and beyond. It is not to be judged based on what is here on earth, a handful of men and women who are not always wise and enlightened. The true Brotherhood. Universal White, who is Above, includes all the most evolved Beings; here we are only a branch, if you will, that uses their Light and their support to carry out their projects. The brotherhood that is below must always become. more the faithful reflection of what is above. “

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

“The era in which, in order to evolve and think about one’s salvation, it was believed that one had to live in solitude, is now over. We are entering the age of brotherhood. Human beings no longer have to create separations between themselves, but walk together , side by side, to create a universal brotherhood on earth, within which all will form a large family. Then the borders will fall and, instead of making so many useless expenses to protect each other, the peoples will live in abundance and in peace. These are the ideas that inspire the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood, because our purpose is to develop ourselves on all planes to become examples, walking all together, united by the love that God wants there to be among all human beings. Our ideal is to live in harmony in the collective life, as all blessings are found in it. “

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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