International Study Center

The Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov International Study Center , is one of the main projects of the Foundation, and has as its objective the study, dissemination and deepening of all the different aspects of the philosopher’s thought Aïvanhov . The Study Center, therefore, it is a cultural center, that is a place where everyone can find the resources and the possibilities to study and deepen their knowledge of this teaching, but where it is also possible to actively participate and contribute with their own research, which may be published in the Magazine of the Foundation Mislior in Notebooks of the Foundation.

For this purpose the Study Center has a Library , open to the public, which makes available to scholars all the literary, audio, video and multimedia material relating to the conferences held by the philosopher Aïvanhov .

Across the scientific Committee of the Foundation, to encourage and support the research activity, based on the funds and resources available year by year, the Study Center will confer Scholarships or Research grants for deserving scholars, or who propose study and research projects related to the philosopher’s thought Aïvanhov.

The premises of the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov International Study Center are located at the institutional headquarters of the Foundation, in the Municipality of Scandicci, in via del Lago 26.

The Scientific Director of the Study Center is prof. Carlo Belli.

For information, or to participate in the activities of the Study Center:

tel .: +39 – 3884615800