The Music

The Foundation pursues what the philosopher OM Aïvanhov – like his Master, Peter Deuonv , who was also a musician and composer (left in a vintage photo) – said about Art and in particular Music, i.e. that the essential role of Art and Music is to spiritually advance the human being, to ennoble him, to awaken his divine nature.

“Music has as its mission our return to that Paradise we have lost. If Music does not awaken the feeling of this splendor, of this immensity that was our true homeland, it has failed in its mission”.

OM Aïvanhov

In a subsequent conference OM Aïvanhov states that much of today’s music tends to lead humans towards “dark and dangerous regions” since many composers of today “They no longer have any knowledge of the laws of the inner world, of the psychic world. It is not enough to have made some musical studies to compose real music; other skills are needed. From a technical point of view their creations are certainly extraordinary, but listening to them what effects Do they feel inside? These works lead us into chaos, awaken passions and violence in us, while these authors are not even aware of the dangers that this represents “.

Thus Art has a mission, that of leading human beings back to the Heavens, to the Source, and Music is a means not only to unite with the celestial regions, but also to harmonize all the parts that make up the human being: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual bodies. The Foundation underlines the importance of a work with music, therefore it promotes a listening work linked to that music that can help humanity in its evolutionary path, a meditated and conscious music, created by artists who refer to the ancient concepts of ‘Art, where Art was seen as an expression of sacredness and as an element capable of harmonizing the human being.

“In the past many artists received a teaching in initiation schools, where it was revealed to them how to rise to the higher regions to capture shapes, colors, sounds. Thus these artists came to express in their works what they had received during their meditations, of their contemplations, and these works acted on human beings, pushing them to take the path towards the Source “.

OM Aïvanhov

The Foundation therefore organizes lessons- concerts, concerts, various readings that help inner harmony and psychophysical well-being.