The Foundation Logo

logo Omraam Onlus Foundation

The two symbols that distinguish, respectively, the Foundation and the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Study Center with your own Magazine , were specially created by the French artist Danielle Marck , and they have a precise meaning.

The main symbol of the Foundation is inspired by the ancient esoteric symbol of Flower of the life and, in particular, to the inner part, also known as the Seed of life or, in the tradition of Aïvanhov, Mystical Rose, in which the intertwined circles of which it is composed are colored with six colors of the rainbow which, in turn, intersecting, produce a further six shades or shades of color. A cube is reproduced on the inside of the foundation symbol, a sign of stability. The cube is also a metaphor and symbol of the foundation stone, the great stone angular of the builders of cathedrals, and can refer also to the Philosopher’s Stone. In the case of our symbol this stone shows three sides, with the three basic colors; the rays that emanate from it represent the various activities of the Foundation, carried out in the wish and with the intention of being bearers of Light.

In the symbol of the Flower of life it is possible to perfectly inscribe another ancient esoteric symbol, the Tree of Life o Sephirotic tree, kabbalistic figure par excellence. The symbol of the Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov Study Center it deliberately highlights this aspect, and it has been adopted as the Sephirotic Tree, source of universal knowledge, is a metaphor for a path of personal and collective evolution that also passes through knowledge, study, reflection.

The concentric circles from which the Mystical Rose is composed, inscribed within the large circle, express all the noblest and highest areas in which to concentrate study and research. The Rose is “action”, “movement” and, in metaphorical terms, it can “produce” countless petals. the Rose is a symbol of creativity.

The Tree of Life is in the Rose: it is the fulcrum of Knowledge, the highest.

The Sun, indicated with its own symbol, is found in Tiphéreth, and from there it illuminates and nourishes the whole. The Sun is the great Guide.
The Gold, with which the paths that connect the different Sefira are sketched and with which the outer circle is drawn, expresses the principle of realization in matter.

About the esoteric and cultural value of the Sephirotic Tree Aïvanhov says:

To be guided in our spiritual work and to be shown the path to follow, we need a method. For me, the best method that exists is the study of the Sephirotic Tree. It is true that many saints and mystics have walked the path of light without knowing the Sephirotic Tree, but knowing it offers a clearer vision of the work to be done. This is why I insist that you learn to deepen all aspects. With Malhuth, make things concrete. With Iesod, you purify them. With Hod, you understand and express them. With Netzah, breathe grace into them. With Tiphereth, you light them up. With Geburah, you fight to defend them. With Hessed, you submit them to divine order. With Binah, you give them stability. With Hohmah, you bring them into universal harmony. Finally, with Kether, place the seal of eternity upon them“.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Thought of the day 25/5/2011