Sacred Gymnastics

The gymnastic exercises proposed by the philosopher Aïvanhov are not simple physical exercises, but have a spiritual value, which is why they must be performed with sacredness.

They are simple movements, but which contain an ancient and profound symbolism. Each exercise is linked to a sentence to be silently pronounced while performing. In these movements we find the action not only of the physical body, but also of the mental and emotional plane, since they must be performed with presence, with love. The effect of these exercises is therefore to activate the nervous system, to recharge it, and to rebalance the different planes of the human being.
Here are some texts by Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov on gymnastics: “The gymnastic exercises we do in the morning are simple, easy movements that anyone can do. What a contrast to that gymnastics that requires great physical effort since people are persuaded that to be strong, powerful, resilient, it is enough to have well-built muscles. As I have often told you, you may have extraordinary biceps, like those of Hercules or Tarzan, but if your nervous system is not functioning well, you will be so softened that with all your muscles you will not be able to lift even a kilogram. simply because certain currents did not succeed in stimulating the muscles. It has been seen in some asylums that some mentally ill, during a crisis, suddenly developed such strength that four guards were not enough to hold them back. This is explained by the circulation of one current which, coming from the brain and passing through the muscles, contracts them violently. Therefore, the nervous system is very important and The exercises we do certainly do not contribute to muscle development, but strengthen and harmonize the nervous system. “
“I will quickly summarize the effect of each movement of our gymnastics. The first movement teaches us to receive the forces from Heaven, to let them enter us so that all our cells are clean and purified. With the second movement we make the magnetic current of the earth and the meeting of these two currents of Heaven and earth, of these two forces, create a wonderful harmony in the solar plexus. The third movement teaches us to swim with agility in the ocean of cosmic light. The fourth movement it teaches us how to mow, that is, to cut the bad bonds that keep us bound. With the fifth movement we learn to maintain balance. With the sixth we purify ourselves by hunting and throwing away all the accumulated waste. “

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