The Statute

Extract from the  Statute of the Omraam Onlus Foundation  

Art. 3, which reports the Foundation’s objectives, is fully reported below:

Art. 3 – PURPOSE

The Foundation is non-profit, non-political and does not pursue trade union or confessional purposes.
The Foundation, pursuing exclusively purposes of utility and social solidarity, has as its main purpose scientific research in the field of experimentation with techniques of healing and psychophysical well-being with reference to the areas and techniques prescribed by the Franco-scientist and philosopher.Bulgarian Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. The main themes of this research will be:

  • Study with empirical and scientific verification techniques of the effects of prenatal education, that is how the thinking and behavior of the mother affect the psychophysical well-being of the unborn child.
  • Study with sampling statistical analysis approaches of the effects of meditative practices proposed by the scientist and philosopher Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, on the psychophysical well-being of people;
  • Scientific study of the effects produced, on the psychophysical level, by a conscious diet, ie by the method proposed by the philosopher Aïvanhov called “Yoga of nutrition”;
  • Scientific study of the effects produced on the psychophysical and clinical level by music therapy, applied according to the methods of the scientist and philosopher Aïvanhov, ie the use of the voice as an expressive technique and of conscious listening to sounds.
  • Scientific study of the effects produced on the psychophysical level by Paneurhythm, that is the sacred dance proposed by the scientist and philosopher Aïvanhov.
  • The effects  scientifically measurable empiricals of these studies will be analyzed and studied also using electrobiomedical equipment, collaborating with university medical and psychological research institutes that are already extensively implementing the aforementioned scientific verification activities, in order to show the validity of the techniques proposed by Aïvanhov and favor its diffusion for the psychophysical well-being of individuals and the renewal of the spiritual life of human societies.

The Foundation also has the purpose of promoting and supporting activities for the harmonious development of man and society, in a perspective of brotherhood among peoples.
The Foundation, in particular, by way of example and not limited to, among the activities, aimed at achieving its statutory purpose, may:

  • to favor, follow and assist initiatives aimed at implementing and / or promoting the thought of the philosopher OM Aïvanhov, guaranteeing its integrity and originality, that is, focusing mainly on the study and deepening of his teaching;
  • promote knowledge of the thought of the philosopher OM Aïvanhov among the academic world, educational institutions, public and private institutions, bodies and associations which, for various reasons, are involved in activities related to the purposes of this Statute;
  • promote, implement, manage, directly or indirectly, the preparation and edition of publications, books, texts, handouts, newsletters, surveys, IT and multimedia supports, as well as the performance of any editorial activity useful for achieving the statutory purposes;
  • pay particular attention to the Arts and, specifically, to music, to the extent that artistic and musical expressions are to be understood as activities capable of favoring the harmonious psychophysical spiritual development of the individual; for this reason the Foundation will promote evenings where the repertoire of therapeutic music will be enhanced;
  • establish an International Study Center internally dedicated to the study, dissemination and deepening of all the different aspects of the thought of the scientist and philosopher OM Aïvanhov; this Center may be endowed with funds and resources – established annually by the Board of Directors and, if necessary, managed with the aid of the advisory activity of the Scientific Committee – in order to award scholarships or research grants for deserving scholars, or who propose study and research projects that favor the statutory purposes; the Study Center may be called “International Study Center Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov “, will be based at the institutional headquarters of the Foundation and, on its premises, will activate a library, open to the public, which will make available to scholars all the literary, audio, video and multimedia material relating to the conferences held by the philosopher OM Aïvanhov.
  • Organize training courses aimed at the scientific research indicated in point 2 above. related to the thought of the scientist and philosopher OM Aïvanhov who, at a later stage, will be able to give life to an academic structure aimed at scientific research itself and always centered on the teaching of OM Aïvanhov.

For the pursuit of its goals and the performance of the main and related activities, the Foundation may undertake any act of a movable, real estate and financial nature, and may access and compete with public and private sources of funding, Italian or foreign.
The Foundation may carry out the aforementioned activities directly, or through Universities, Departments, Research Bodies and other Foundations or Associations that carry them out directly.
You can participate in Associations, Bodies and Institutions, public and private, whose activity is directed, directly or indirectly, to the pursuit of purposes similar to those of the Foundation itself; the Foundation may also, if it deems it appropriate, contribute to the constitution of the aforementioned bodies.
The Foundation may also carry out any other suitable activity, or support, for the pursuit of institutional purposes.
The Foundation may not carry out activities other than institutional ones, with the exception of those directly connected to them and, in any case, in a non-prevalent way.

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