Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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Master omraam mikhael aivanhov(Serbzi, January 31, 1900 – Fréjus, December 25, 1986) is a philosopher and pedagogue of Macedonian origin, who lived in Bulgaria until 1937 when, at the request of his Master Peter Deunov, he moved to France. In this country he transmitted a large part of his teaching, with over 5000 lectures.
The themes dealt with in his conferences concern all aspects of human existence, and a dominant theme always emerges: man and his evolution, seen from a perspective of spiritual growth. Whatever the subject treated, this is invariably carried out according to the man and the use he can make of him, in order to reach a better understanding of himself and to be able to have a more adequate life conduct.

“When man will know his true psychic structure and his immense and extraordinary creative possibilities, he will completely transform and shape himself and his life “

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

Short biography of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov:

1900 Mikhaël Ivanov was born into a peasant family in the village of Serbtzi, Macedonia, on January 31, 1900. His mother Dolia he will say that he consecrated this son to God, even before his conception. The life of the little one Mikhaël she is very attached to nature, in which she spends a lot of time and which she will consider to have been her first teacher.

Following political upheavals their village is invaded and Mikhaël, together with his mother, he joins his father in Varna, Bulgaria. Two years later their father died and a period of great difficulty and extreme economic hardship began for them.

1912 Around 12 years old Mikhaël begins to read books of a spiritual nature, including the Bible; then, later, also Buddhist and Hindu texts, the works of Steiner, Blavatsky, Spinoza, Paracelsus, etc .. He will experiment with meditation and breathing exercises with constancy and tenacity, so much so that at the age of 16, on the occasion of a long meditation combined with a particular breathing technique, Mikhaël has a mystical experience that marks him deeply: he becomes capable of listening to the Music of the celestial spheres:

“Everything sang … the stars, the plants, the stones, the trees, everything sang in such great harmony, so sublime that my being expanded to such an extent that I was afraid of dying. I wish you all to hear, even for a few seconds, what I myself have heard, so that you can have a measure, an idea of what real music is “.
Since I was a child Mikhaël he is animated by an extraordinary desire for perfection, by the high ideal of helping humanity, and by a profound need to reach the full knowledge of things; this leads him to devote a lot of time to readings and spiritual exercises.
He is strongly attracted to the search for the spiritual world and the hidden faculties of man. Experiment with the techniques of concentration, the power of thought, the inner contact with the invisible world, study the light, its effects on the prism and the resulting colors.
An extraordinary intuition allows him to grasp and foresee the links between physical and spiritual phenomena. But he is still too young. He will say in a conference “… I had thrown myself madly into certain yoga, breathing and concentration exercises, they were nights and days of study, fasting, meditation”.

on the right the young Michael who later became a spiritual teacher1917 In Varna, a city located on the Black Sea, he meets the Master Peter Deunov (1864- 1944), founder of the White Brotherhood in Bulgaria. I will be his disciple for twenty years, during which he will have the opportunity to study and deepen the Teaching of his Master.
Parallel to his spiritual activities, after finishing his university studies, Mikhaël Ivanov first becomes a teacher, then a director of a high school.
Here are some of the revelations that Peter Deunov will do to his disciple:
“You must know that you were free up there. Before incarnating you signed a contract before a great Assembly, before the greatest Spirits. You agreed to do a job down here and you must do it.”
And again:
“In a previous incarnation in India, you wrote books and the whole world educated itself with them … You came to testify to the Truth.”

1937 1937 – Two years before the outbreak of the Second World War, foreseeing the upheavals that would happen, Peter Deunov mandates Aïvanhov to “carry the torch” of his Teaching in France. Aïvanhov leaves everything to fulfill the mission entrusted to him. Before his departure for France, Deunov reveals to him:

“I entrust you with a precious stone of enormous, inestimable value, but since you will have to pass through a large forest infested with brigands and wild beasts, this stone will have to be dirty in order not to be recognized. Bandits will throw themselves on you and try to steal it, but finding nothing precious, they will end up leaving you alone. When you have crossed that great dangerous forest, I will be with you to wash the stone that will shine with unparalleled splendor.

THEL July 22, 1937 Brother Mikhaël arrives in France on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition in Paris.
Star , the Sister who welcomes him at the invitation of Deunov , will say of him:
“The thing that struck at first glance was the intensity of the light that flowed from him, a light impregnated with a sweetness and a pure, impersonal love, which poured like a divine river on beings and things”.

(Svezda, Vie et Enseignement du Maître Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov en France , Ed. Prosveta)

Lanza del Vasto , in his introduction to Love, Wisdom, Truth , first book of Brother Mikhaël , printed in 1948, writes:
“It is through the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks. Here are the words of the Gospel that I think of as I listen to Brother Mikhaël. He speaks like birds singing, with natural perfection, with complete abandonment of self. Brother Mikhaël is an open door . Through him passes what comes from the Master, those who listen to him go to the Master through him. I do not admire those who impose themselves, I admire those who know how to make themselves transparent so that the truth passes through them. “
Aïvanhov answers:
“Love is the solution to all problems. Love is the key that opens all the doors of the human soul. Love is the Force of all creative forces in Nature. Love is a science that does not it has still been studied properly. He who knows and can love is omnipotent. “

OMA in San Sebastian in 1962.
1947 The Fraternité Blanche Universelle Association and, in Sèvres, near Paris, a Center for fraternal meetings is founded, which Aïvanhov calls “Izgrev” (Rising Sun, in Bulgarian), as the center of Peter Deunov in Sofia.

1948 It is the trial period: following accusations based on perjury Aïvanhov he is the victim of a conspiracy and is arrested. He will spend two years in prison. Subsequently he will be completely exonerated (1960) and will receive an official apology from the French state.
Aivanhov of these events will say:
“Slander is something we feel like a deadly poison. But the initiatory Science was there to show me that that was the best thing that could have happened to me, because it forced me to walk an unknown path, to find in myself unsuspected weapons and resources , energies that otherwise I would never have found “.

master omraam mikhael aivanhov in Eleusis
OMA in 1964 photographié à Eleusis in meditation assis devant un monument du sanctuaire.

1950 The Bonfin spiritual school is founded in the South of France, where Aïvanhov settles down. Here, from then on, for several months a year, people from all over the world gather to listen to the Teaching and live a life inspired by it.

1959 On February 11, Aivanhov he leaves, completely alone, for a one-year trip to India.
This period represents a turning point: visit various ashrams and meet different spiritual Masters.
In Tiruvanamalaï, he is warmly welcomed by the disciples of Ramana Maharshi , one of the greatest sages of modern India; he will be allowed to meditate in the room of the great sage.
In Calcutta he meets Mâ Ananda Moyi , in which he recognizes the manifestation of the Divine Mother, while in Rishikesh he meets Shivananda .

Near Bombay, visit Bhagavan Nityananda , Master of Swami Muktananda . Seeing Aïvanhov , he enters into deep meditation. When he opens his eyes, he says the following words in English: “A pure heart, peace in his soul, and all powers are given to him” .

The most important meeting takes place at Almora with Nim Karoli Baba . He will speak of him, with great devotion, as of an exceptional being. The same Babaji presented Aïvanhov to his disciples like this: “ The French sadhu … a yogi and a great saint “ .
Always in Almora he meets and makes a deep friendship with the Lama Anagarika Govinda .
In India he is given the spiritual name of “ Omraam ” from “… someone who is above Babaji …”
Speaking of his initiatory name like this Aïvanhov he explained its meaning:
“My new name is Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. “Om”: this sound breaks up all that is negative; it corresponds to the “Solve” of initiatory Science. “Solve” sends things back to the Source transforming them into Light. The sound “Raam”, with its vibrations, has the power to condense, to coagulate the divine Things and make them palpable: it is the “Coagula”. Therefore in this name the two processes “Solve” and “Coagula” are united.

1960 Upon his return to Paris, the disciples find it hard to recognize the Brother Mikhaël, p only a year earlier: everything about him has changed, and now he looks like Peter Deunov ; thus, spontaneously, they begin to call him no longer “Brother” but “Master”.
On this point he will say:
“A true Master will never tell you that he is a Master, never! He will let you hear and understand him; he is in no hurry to be recognized.”
“A true Master is someone who knows the truth, who perfectly understands the Laws and Principles of existence, and respects them. He also possesses the will and the ability to dominate his own inner world and to use that self-mastery with the unique aim to manifest all the qualities and virtues of selfless love “.

1971 The publishing house is born in Switzerland Prosveta editions , which publishes the contents of the numerous conferences of Aïvanhov (over 5,000). The books are in turn translated into numerous languages: to date more than 40.

1986 Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov leaves his physical body in full and complete awareness on Christmas Day 1986. By his express will the news was communicated only three days later: he had hinted that in those three days he had a work to do in the subtle plane, and for this reason his physical body had to remain in isolation.

His Teaching integrates and elaborates the principles of past western and eastern spiritual traditions, to adapt them to our age in a new form, in which the spiritual ideal and initiatory knowledge are concretely applied in practical life.
His teaching is therefore in line with and is based on the ancient Teachings of great Masters of humanity such as Hermes Trismegistus , Orpheus , Rama , Zoroaster , Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Pythagoras , Jesus….
It is based on the existence of the two great cosmic principles, masculine and feminine, Spirit and Matter, and rests on the great universal laws. These Laws, known by all the great Initiates of every age, are revealed by the initiatory Science, through the great Masters of humanity.

For a deeper understanding of the life of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, we recommend reading: Life of a Western Master, byFrenette Louise- Marie, Stella Mattutina Editions, 2016.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov – Vita di un Maestro occidentale


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