master omraam mikhael aivanhov in Eleusis

OM Aivanhov in 1964 in Eleusis

The philosopher Aïvanhov has always proposed meditation as an indispensable means to free oneself from anxiety, restlessness, and from all inner psychic disturbances; meditation is an essential tool to find inner peace, calm, serenity, but also to access the knowledge of the spiritual plane. In particular, he advised his disciples to practice meditation at sunrise (from March 21 to September 22), and meditation on the Light, as both these manifestations, the Light and the Sun, are according to his Teaching, the best representatives. of the Divine here on earth.

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The Foundation organizes meetings on this topic, with the possibility of gaining practical experiences.

Some texts of the philosopher Aïvanhov on Meditation:

“Meditation is a difficult exercise, since it presupposes a great mastery of thought. Well, if thought is rebellious, if it loves to wander, wander and you try to stop it abruptly, you will block your brain. It is with gentleness that we must set it in motion. that apparatus which is the brain, exactly like letting the engine warm up before moving a car. So, when you want to meditate, don’t try to dominate your thinking right away: it will turn around, stuck and throw you to the ground. putting yourself in a state of peace, harmony and then, gently, bring your thought in the direction you want it to take: some time later it will be at your disposal and it will obey you.You must be very skilled, very diplomatic with your thinking. When you have learned to dominate it, it will continue in the direction you wanted to give it throughout the day, without you having to intervene anymore “.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

“Lfor most people, ever since they start their spiritual life, they come up against the problem of meditation: they can’t concentrate. Why? Because people have not learned to choose the subjects of meditation, they throw themselves blindly, without method. So let’s be clear. The first rule of course is to choose a topic of a spiritual nature and the second is that that topic is important to you. It is the love you have for a being or an object that binds you to it. When you don’t love you are, if we can say so, like a postage stamp without glue: don’t join! The beginner’s mistake is that they immediately want to focus on the most abstract philosophical and mystical topics: truth, eternity, infinity, the Absolute, the Supreme Being. Is a mistake. Start by focusing, for example, on a pure, beautiful image that you love, an image of nature or art. Your brain will thus get used to concentrating and, little by little, you will be able to meditate on subjects further away from you. To have results in the spiritual life, one must know how to use the formidable power of love “.

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

“You can meditate on any kind of subject: health, beauty, wealth, intelligence, power, glory …, the Angels, Archangels and all hierarchies. All meditation subjects are good, but the best is to meditate on God, to imbue yourself with His Love, His Light, His Strength, to live an instant in His Eternity … and to meditate in order to serve Him, to submit to Him, to unite with Him. There is no more powerful and more beneficial meditation. “

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

“In order to truly meditate, one must first prepare oneself, otherwise meditation is impeded by obstacles of all kinds … The disciple prepares himself in advance, purifies himself, does not become overloaded, sleeps sufficiently, and tries to nourish the greatest desire for perfect himself to be able to help others, be a model, an example, a son of God; he is animated by the sublime desire to do God’s will as Jesus asks us in the Gospels. But to fulfill the prescription of Jesus one must know many things; not you just need to wish them, wish them … Someone has left the gas tap open, or has forgotten the baby in the bathtub … and here, when it comes to meditating, he remembers it! .. How do you want me to meditate? you have to prepare yourself, and when you are free in body, thoughts and feelings, finally managing to escape from that prison that is everyday life, in that moment you feel the freshness, purity, clarity, ca lma, the sun … Then thank Heaven, you rise inwardly, you begin to understand that there is another life, vast, great, deep and you are so serene, so enraptured that you launch yourself, you fly to another region .. . a region that is actually within you … It is the divine life that flows within you, which you have finally been able to live for a moment: the real life. “Now… one of the best exercises I can recommend is to get used to breathing the Light every day, several times a day. Choose a quiet place where no one can disturb you, put yourself in a comfortable position and breathe: breathe in imagining that you are attracting the cosmic Light, that light that is infinitely more subtle than the sunlight, that impalpable, invisible quintessence that penetrates everything. Let that light penetrate you to circulate through all your cells and all your organs. . . . Then, as you exhale, let it out of you projecting it to illuminate, illuminate and help the whole world. It is an extraordinary exercise, because from the kabbalistic point of view, you become the letter Aleph. Aleph, the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, is the symbol of the being that with one hand receives the celestial light, and with the other distributes it to human beings. You cannot become “Aleph” if you think exclusively of yourself, if you keep everything for yourself. Aleph is the being who thinks only of giving, of warming, of illuminating, of vivifying, without taking care of himself. He is a creator, a savior of humanity, he is a child of God. “

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov

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