Music in the Villa

Omraam Foundation organizes and supports the festival Music in the Villa

Now in its XXIXth edition, this year’s 2022 season concert will beheld from June to September.

It is possible to book seats for musical evenings by writing to: or by calling 055.769044

Cultural evenings at the Villa of Vico , and in particular his concert seasons, were born from the desire to create beauty and to propose it through art. The possibility of being able to take advantage of the Villa di Vico, historic residence of the fourteenth century, and of its Music Room, gave the “A” to the entire event, which now enjoys notoriety and prestige at the regional level. The concerts at the Villa of Vico in 2013 they reached the XX Edition supported, as always, by a clear success with the public and critics.

Anyone who visits the historic home for the first time Villa of Vico will be fascinated by the particularity and perfect acoustics of the hall on the ground floor: the rectangular surface, the wooden ceilings, the bare walls, reconnect this space to those ideal places that in the Renaissance and Baroque era housed the Arts and those who they wished to celebrate them as a means of approaching Beauty. Intention of Maestro Daniele Garella, artistic director of the concerts in the Villa of Vico and of Carlo Belli, President of the Foundation, was, from the beginning, to recreate that ancient way of making art – vibrant, convivial, intimate – which would have allowed the public to interact with the performers in the most exciting and natural way , each a few steps away from the others, gathered in anticipation of what the magic of sound would soon reveal as in a sacred ritual.

Since the first musical season (May- October 1994) concerts at the Villa of Vico they were moments of interior elevation, as of the discovery of forgotten or less frequented repertoires compared, for example, to the programming of great cultural institutions where, even before music, one is obliged to make ends meet. For this the Villa of Vico has seen, year after year, an increase in its audience, like the return of those who had already participated: an increasing number of “aficionados” coming not only from the cities of Tuscany.

Since 2000 the concerts at the Villa of Vico have been permanently part of the cultural program of the Municipality of Scandicci (FI), and have obtained contributions, as well as from the Municipality of Scandicci itself, from the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, from SAI-Fondiaria, from Il Punto d’Incontro Editions, from the Intini Foundation and from other prestigious companies, as well as from private individuals who have requested anonymity. The musicians who performed, all first parts from the most renowned Italian orchestras or chamber groups appreciated internationally, allowed the Villa of Vico to settle in a space of notoriety and cultural interest which today rightly enjoys both in the press and in the radio media (all the Tuscan newspapers always review the concerts and radios such as Radio Toscana Classica and Controradio announce the evenings). In the programming of its cultural seasons the Villa of Vico he wanted to dedicate himself with particular attention to Ancient Music and for this reason he presented to the public instrumental and vocal groups acclaimed everywhere such as Modo Antiquo, Cantilena Antiqua, Micrologus, Accademia San Felice, but he did not neglect to propose the encounter with non-European musical cultures by inviting ensembles of Iranian and Indian musicians.

To date, the Villa of Vico presented over 250 artists in over 100 evenings, in front of an audience that particularly appreciated, in addition to the quality of the performances, the familiar, elegant and welcoming environment, the aura of silence and meditation that easily came to be created, and the membership fee for entry, extremely low despite the offer. Undoubtedly the concerts, such as the theater and dance evenings, that the Villa of Vico offers have become for many an unmissable appointment.
Among the musicians who have performed at the Villa of Vico we remember for example Bettina Hoffmann, viola da gamba, Giulia Nuti, Silvia Rambaldi and Anna Clemente, harpsichord, Andrew Lawrence-King, baroque harp; the flutists Federico Maria Sardelli, David Bellugi and Sergio Giambi; the pianists Gregorio Nardi, Marco Rapetti, Giampaolo Nuti, Riccardo Sandifort, Riccardo Bini, Victoria Pontecorboli, Monica Cecchi, Hector Moreno, Norberto Capelli; on the harp Patrizia Bini and Patrizia Bovi with Stefano Corsi, the sopranos Maria Billeri, Giulia Lorimer, Laura Cherici, Laura Brioli, Elisabetta Ermini, Giulia Peri, the mezzosopranos Gisele Alberto, Farzaneh Joorabchi, the countertenors Stefano Albarello, Marco Minetti and the Japanese Tadashi, Pietro Horvath, violin, Anita Garriott, clarinet, Paolo Nardi, oboe, Ivano Battiston, accordion, Adolfo Broegg, psaltery and lute, Nuccio d’Angelo, guitar.

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List of all the musicians who performed at the Villa di Vico:

Gothic harp, Adele Bardazzi
Gothic harp, Sara Mancuso
Celtic harp, voice, Stefano Corsi
Harp, Elisa Sargenti
Harp Tiasha Gafner
Harp, Nadja Dornik
Harp, Agnes Contadini
Harp, Chanel Perdichizzi
Harp, Agatha Bocedi
Harp, Laura Papeschi
Harp, Eleonora Volpato
Harp Alessandra Ziveri
Harp Alice Caradente
Harp, Emanuela degli Esposti
Harp, Ieuan Jones
Harp, Fiorella Bonetti
Harp, Floraleda Sacchi
Harp, Annamaria De Vito
Harp, Lurana Lubello
Harp, Patrizia Bini
Harp, Claudia Falcone
Harp, Dafne Nardella
Harp, Antonella Pecoraro
Harp, Caterina Setaro
Harp, Francesca Stella
Harp, Paola Testa
Harp, Silvia Musso
Baroque triple harp, Flora Papadopulos
Baroque triple harp, Mikari Shibukawa
Baroque triple harp, Andrew Lawrence- King
Baroque triple harp, Marianne Gubri
Actor Gianni Poliziani
Actor, Claudio Burgio
Actor, Francesco Storelli
Actor, Andrea Giuntini
Actor, Paolo Lorimer
Actress, Antonella Rossi
Actress, Cristina Borgogni
Baritone, Andrea Paolucci
Bass, Marco Pellegrini
Guitar, Nuccio D’Angelo
Cialamello, bombard, Dante Bernardi
Clarinet, Anita Garriott,
Harpsichord, Andreina di Girolamo
Harpsichord, Anna Clemente
Harpsichord, Aureliano Zattoni
Harpsichord, Giulia Nuti
Harpsichord, Chiara Cattani
Harpsichord, Giacomo Benedetti
Harpsichord, Fortepiano, Silvia Rambaldi
Harpsichord, Ottaviano Tenerani
Alto, Elisa Malatesti
Alto, Sara Bacchelli
Alto Silvia Pegna
Countertenor, lute, Stefano Albarello
Countertenor, Filippo Mineccia
Controtenor, Tadashi Miroku
Countertenor, Francesco Ghelardini
Baroque horn, Giuseppe Viscomi
Daf, Paolo Modugno
Daf, Ramin Rahmi
Dancer, Francesca Campagnaro
Dancer, Gaia Scuderi
Rana Gorgani dancer
Dancer, Laura Torricini
Dancer, Rita Marchesini
Dulcian, Oscar Meana
Ensemble Iosa, (Afro- american Spiritual Choral)
Ensemble Voci Cortesi, (Ancient Music)
Ensemble Il Rossignolo, (Ancient Music)
Ensemble Micrologus, (Early Music)
Modo Antiquo Ensemble, (Early Music)
Ensemble Viri Galilei, (Gregorian chant)
Ensemble San Felice, (Ancient Music)
Ensemble LaReverdie
Ensemble I Viggianesi
Bassoon, Stefano Vicentini
Accordion, Ivano Battiston
Flute, Paolo Faddi
Flute, Marco di Manno
Flute, David Bellugi
Flute, Federico Maria Sardelli
Flute, Sergio Giambi
Flute, Emanuela Di Cretico
Flute, Maria Moriani
Flute, Daniele Salvatore
Flute, Martino Noferi
Flute, Marica Testi
Fortepiano, Carlo Mazzoli
Robert Tiso glass harmonica
Gongs, Johannes Oehlmann
Lute, Adolfo Broegg
Lute, Andrea Benucci
Lute, Giovanni Bellini
Lute, Fabio Mori
Lute, voice, Francesca Torelli
Mezzosoprano, Gisele Alberto
Mezzosoprano Arianna Lanci
Oboe, Paolo Nardi
Organetto, Christophe Deslignes
Organ, portative Cristina Bagnoli
Percussion, Fabio Tricomi
Percussion, Mustafa Amidi Fard
Percussion, Nicolò Vaiente
Percussion, Reza Mohsenipour
Percussion, Hamid Mohsenipour
Percussion, Andrea Lombardo
Piano, Chiara Mariani
Piano, Huw Watkins
Piano, Giampaolo Nuti
Piano, Gregorio Nardi
Piano, Hector Moreno
Piano, Marco Rapetti
Piano, Maria Grazia Dal Passo
Piano, Monica Cecchi
Piano, Norberto Capelli
Piano, Riccardo Bini
Piano, Riccardo Sandiford
Piano, Victoria Pontecorboli
Director, Massimo Masini
Psalter, percussion, Marco Muzzati
Setar, tar, Pejman Tadayoun
Soprano, Anna Pia Capurso
Soprano, Barbara Zanichelli
Soprano, Cristina Preti
Soprano, Elena Pratelli
Soprano, Elisabetta Ermini
Soprano, Jody Magazu
Soprano, Katia Tempestini
Soprano, Benedetta Corti
Soprano, Letizia Putignano
Soprano, Laura Brioli
Soprano, Miho Kamiya
Soprano, Laura Andreini
Soprano, Santina Tomasello
Soprano, Arianna Lanci
Soprano, Martina Stecherova
Soprano, Beatrice Palumbo
Soprano, Maria Billeri
Soprano, Nadia Marino
Soprano, Paola Massoni
Soprano, Stefania Neri
Soprano, viella Giulia Peri
Tablas, Federico Sanesi
Tar, Pejman Tadayon
Tenor, Massimo Costelli
Tenor, Matteo Bagni
Theorba, Stefano Rocco
Theorbo Giovanni Bellini
Theorba Maurizio Piantelli
Theorba, Simone Vallerotonda
Viella, Viola da Gamba, Federico Bardazzi
Viella, Gianfranco Burgio
Viella, Svetlana Fomina
Viella, Gianfranco Russo
Viola, Anna Noferini
Viola, Mariana Doughty
Viola da gamba, Bettina Hoffmann
Viola da gamba, Francesca Chiocci
Viola da gamba, Francesca Lorenzetti
Viola da gamba, Bianca Cucini
Viola da gamba, Argentina Becchetti
Viola da gamba, Rosita Ippolito
Violin, Ladislau Petru Horvath
Violin, Roberto Noferini
Violin, Donatella Calanchi
Violin, Egidius Streiff
Violin, Piero Gallina
Violin, Tasmin Waley- Cohen
Violin, Vieri Bugli
Cello, Gemma Rosefield
Cello, Giovanni Lippi
Cello, Walter Grimmer
Cello, Perikli Pite
Voice, Cristina Bagnoli
Voice, Eva Mabellini
Voice, lute, Claudia Caffagni
Voice, flutes, viella, Livia Caffagni
Voice, viella, rebec, Elisabetta de Mircovich
Voice, Margaret Mantl
Voice, harp, tambourine, Matteo Zenatti
Voice, Pamela Lucciarini
Voice, harp, Patrizia Bovi
Voice, sitar, Neela Bagwat
Voice, setar, Farzaneh Joorabchi
Voice, setar, Sepide Rassadat
Voice, violin, Giulia Lorimer
Zarb, daf Jamshid Mirhadi
Zarb, daf, Mohssen Kasirossafar