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The International Study Centre Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, is one of the main projects of the Foundation. Its objective is the study, the dissemination and the deepening of all the different aspects of the thinking of the philosopher Aïvanhov. The Study Centre is like a Cultural Center, a place where everybody can find the resources and the opportunity to study and deepen his knowledge of Aïvanhov's Teaching , and where it is also possible to actively participate and to contribute with one's own research, which may be published in the Journal of the Foundation, "Misli".

To this end, the Research Center has a Library, open to the public, which makes available to scholars all published material related to the Teaching: books and printed material, audio, video and multimedia of the Conferences held by the philosopher Aïvanhov.
To promote and support researches, the Research Center and the Foundation's Scientific Committee bestow scholarships or research grants (depending on the funds and resources available for each year) to students or to those who submit research projects related to the thinking of the philosopher Aïvanhov.

The premises of the International Study Centre Omraam Mikhaël Aivanhov are located at the Seat of the Foundation, in the municipality of Scandicci (20 minutes from Florence, Italy).

To get more information, or to participate to the activities of the Study Centre:

tel.: +39 - 3884615800

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