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Education begins before birth


The Foundation Omraam Onlus started a fundraiser to activate the project "Education begins before birth" in 2014. This project has as its fundamental objective the moral and spiritual renewal of human society through raising a greater awareness of those who choose to embark on the path of becoming parents. The methods used for the development of consciousness are those proposed by the philosopher and pedagogue Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, methods whose validity has long been confirmed through numerous and authoritative medical and scientific research, carried out in different countries.
It is now well established that the state of mental and physical health, and also the character of each individual, depend to a large extent from the way he/she experiences the period of intrauterine life.

Aïvanhov’s approach leads us to see in the methods he proposes – that lead to a deep awareness of the whole process of a child's education (from preparation for conception, to birth) – the most important tool for the renewal of human societies. According to this perspective, if every parent conceived their children in love and raised them in the awareness of love, within a few generations the whole of humanity could live in an environment of harmonic Brotherhood, significantly reducing the propensity to wars and hostilities, to the point of determining the conditions for a perpetual peace.
Real Peace is in fact only created within the heart of man; only men of peace can ensure that it occurs in human relationships and among nations. The project "Education begins before birth" has precisely this goal: ensure that children are the future men and women of peace.
The Project "Education begins before birth " has 4 main objectives:

1  Information : create a website with technical and scientific texts designed to inform, disseminate and demonstrate the basics and the effects of prenatal education and the importance that parents address the conception and birth of a child with a greater awareness.
2  Training : launch training courses for professionals in the field, in order to train them on "Prenatal Education" and "Preparing for the role of parent", thus training also all those who wish to pursue the path of motherhood or fatherhood.
3  Education : activate a partnership with the largest number of schools as possible, to carry out training sessions for young people, particularly for adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19 years, through specially trained educators.
4  Meeting Point And Practice: a place to meet and engage with qualified people in the field and where you can practice the methods recommended by prenatal education (meditation - music - yoga - art - etc.).

The project, while focusing on Prenatal Education, a fundamental tool for the renewal of society, devotes much attention to the education of young people, to the problems related to emotional relationships, sexuality, and the decision to become a parent, at the time of conception, pregnancy and also the most important pedagogical issues that parents need to keep in mind in the education of their children in the first years of life.


  • Love and sexuality among young people: the right attitude.

  • The awareness in wanting to become a parent.

  • The importance of Conception.

  • The status of Pregnancy:

- The needs of the mother and fetus
- Nutrition
- Work with the imagination
- Medicines
- Psychic and emotional states of the mother and father and their relationship
- Prenatal Education methods and techniques in order to: *prevent diseases, *make the qualities of goodness inherent in every human being manifest, * have happy children, free from fear and negativity, *renew society

  • Childbirth

  • Early life:

- Concrete aspects (supply - Vaccines etc. . )
- Pedagogical aspects

  • Example and role model as the best methods of education.

To support the project "Education begins before birth" you can visit the following link

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