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The Statute of the Foundation

the Foundation

The Statute of the Foundation can be downloaded in Pdf format if you click here:

Art. 3 shows the main objectives of the Foundation and is quoted below:


1. The Foundation is no profit and apolitical, and it does not pursue objectives of union or denominational character.
2. The Foundation exclusively pursues aims of social utility and solidarity, its main purpose being scientific research and carrying out tests of healing and wellbeing techniques pertaining to the scope and techniques prescribed by French-Bulgarian philosopher and scientist Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. The main themes of research will be:

• Study with empirical and scientific verification of the effects of prenatal education, i.e. how the thinking and behaviors of the mother influence the wellbeing of the unborn child.
• Study of the effects of the meditative practices proposed by scientist and philosopher Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov on the wellbeing of people with a sampling statistical analysis approach.
• Scientific study of the effects produced at the psychophysical level by a conscious diet, i.e. the proposed method by the philosopher Aïvanhov called " Yoga of Nutrition".
• Scientific study of the effects at the psychophysical and clinical level produced by music therapy applied in accordance with the methods of the scientist and philosopher Aïvanhov, i.e. the use of voice as expressive technique, and of the audience’s awareness of the sounds.
• Scientific study of the effects of Paneurythmy, which is to say the sacred dance recommended by scientist and philosopher Aïvanhov, at the psychophysical level.

The empirical and scientifically measurable effects of these studies will be analyzed and studied with biomedical equipment as well in collaboration with the universities of medical and psychological research that are already widely engaging in such activities of scientific verification, in order to show the validity of the techniques proposed by Aïvanhov, to facilitate their deployment and to enhance the well being of individuals and the renewal of spiritual life in human societies.
3. The Foundation also aims to promote and support activities for the harmonious development of man and society, in a perspective of brotherhood among the peoples.
The Foundation, in particular, among its activities aimed at the achievement of its statutory purpose can, by way of example:

a. Facilitate, follow and support initiatives to implement and/or promote the thinking of philosopher O. M. Aïvanhov, guaranteeing its integrity and originality, i.e., focusing primarily on the in depth study of his teaching;
b. Promote the knowledge of the thinking of philosopher O. M. Aïvanhov within academic and educational institutions, public and private institutions, organizations and associations, in various capacities, dealing with activities related to the purposes of the present Statute.
c. Promote, implement, maintain, directly or indirectly, the drafting and editing of publications, books, texts, notes, newsletters, surveys, computer media and multimedia, as well as conducting all editorial activity useful to achieving the statutory purposes;
d. Pay particular attention to the arts and in particular to music, to the extent that the artistic and musical expressions are to be understood as an activity that can promote the harmonious spiritual and physical development of the individual; for this reason, the Foundation will promote evenings where the therapeutic nature of the music repertoire is emphasized.
e. Establish at its own venue an International Study Centre devoted to the study, dissemination and deepening of all different aspects of the thinking of the scientist and philosopher O. M. Aïvanhov. The Centre will be endowed with funds and resources – established annually by the Board of Directors and, where applicable, handled with the aid of an Advisory Scientific Committee – in order to give scholarships or research grants to deserving scholars who submit research and study projects that promote the statutory purposes; the Centro Studi will be named "Centro Studi Internazionale Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov", will be based at the the Foundation’s venue and, in its premises, a Library, open to the public, will be established, which will make accessible to scholars all literature, audio, video and multimedia materials about the conferences given by the philosopher O. M. Aïvanhov.
f.  Organizing training programs aimed at scientific research referred to in paragraph 2. about the thinking of the scientist and philosopher O. M. Aïvanhov which, at a later stage, will give life to an academic structure aimed at scientific research focused on the teachings of O. M. Aïvanhov.

For the pursuit of its purposes and the development of its main activities, the Foundation may undertake any real estate and financial action, and seek access to private or public, Italian or foreign, funding resources.
The Foundation will carry out these activities directly, or through Universities, Departments, Research institutions and other Foundations or Associations that carry them out directly.
The Foundation may participate in Associations, Organizations and Institutions, public and private, whose activities are directed, directly or indirectly, to the pursuit of objectives that are similar to those of the Foundation; the Foundation may also, if it deems appropriate, participate in the establishment of such bodies.
The Foundation may also carry out any other appropriate activity, or support activity, to the pursuit of institutional goals.
The Foundation shall not engage in activities other than institutional, except those directly related to them and, in any case, not prevailing.

The Founders of the Foundation Omraam Villa di Vico Onlus are:
   Carlo Belli, Daniele Garella, Francesco Mossolin

The Foundation is composed of the following Administrative bodies:

  • The President (Carlo Belli).

  • The Board: Carlo Belli, Daniele Garella, Francesco Mossolin.

  • The Scientific Committee: The Scientific Committee of the Foundation is composed by Experts and Scholars from several countries of Europe (Italy, Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Norway, ....).

  • The Guarantors Committee: the Guarantors Committee is composed by personalities of high moral integrity, as a guarantee for the activities of the Foundation.

  • The Assembly of Participants: Participants are all those who are involved in various ways in the activities of the Foundation.

For more information please write to:

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