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The Paneurhythmy


The Paneurythmy is a Sacred Dance composed of 28 movements that are danced to the rhythm of soft music, created exclusively to accompany the performance. The Creator of PanEuRhythmy and the composer of its music is the Bulgarian spiritual Master Peter Deunov (1864-1944). It is a meditative dance that works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels, and puts us in harmony with the universe, allowing us to expand our consciousness. The Paneurythmy is a Mandala in motion, of great beauty, strength and sensitivity. It is danced in pairs, walking in a circle, inside Nature. It is feasible at any age and you do not need to have any special prior knowledge of dance.

Everything in the universe is Rhythm and the human being also belongs to this Great Cosmic Rhythm: in a more or less perceptible way, all of man’s biological and psychical functions obey to this law of rhythm. All cultures attribute a divine origin to music and dance. The Paneurythmy can be considered a pedagogical method, through which thoughts, feelings, and actions adapt to the harmonious rhythms of Nature.

The Foundation created a video to facilitate learning of the Paneurithmy, that is downloadable on You Tube (in 4 parts, on low resolution). You can also buy it on DVD writing at:

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