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The Foundation pursues what the philosopher O. M. Aïvanhov - like His Master, Peter Deuonv, who was also a musician and composer (see photo on the left) - has to say about music: its role is to spiritually move forward the human being, to ennoble him, to awaken his divine nature.

"Music has the mission to bring us back to Paradise, which we have lost. If music does not awaken the feeling of this splendor, this immensity that was once our true homeland, it has failed in its mission."

O. M. Aïvanhov

Thus too all the arts have the same mission: to lead all human beings back to the Heavens, to the Source.
Music in particular helps the human being to harmonize all his parts: the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the spiritual bodies.

For this reason too, the Foundation organizes concerts and lecture-concerts that will support the Inner Harmony and well being.

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