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Meaning of the symbols used by the Foundation

The two symbols that respectively identify the Foundation and the Study Center Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, with its Review, were especially created by the French artist Danielle Marck, and have a precise meaning.

The Foundation’s main symbol takes inspiration from the ancient esoteric symbol of the Flower of life. In particular, its inner part which is also known as Seed of life or, in Aïvanhov’s tradition, as the Mystical Rose in which the interlocking circles are colored with the six colors of the rainbow which, in turn, intersect to produce an additional six tones or shades of color. In the inner part of the symbol of the Foundation there is a cube, a sign of stability. The cube is also a metaphor and symbol of the foundation stone, the great cornerstone of the builders of cathedrals, and can

also refer to the Philosopher's Stone. In the case of our symbol this stone shows three sides in the three primary colors, and the rays that emanate from it represent the different activities of the Foundation that are carried out with the intention to be bearers of Light.

In the symbol of the Flower of Life one can identify another ancient esoteric symbol, the Tree of Life or Sephirothic Tree, the Kabalistic figure par excellence. The symbol of the Study Centre Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov deliberately puts in evidence this aspect, and has been adopted as the Sephirothic Tree, the source of universal knowledge; it is a metaphor for a journey of personal and collective evolution that also passes through knowledge, study and reflection.
The concentric circles, which make up the Mystical Rose, are encompassed in the large circle, and express all the noble and high spheres concerning which all study and research should focus. The Rose is "action", "movement" and, in metaphorical terms, it can "produce" countless petals. The Rose is a symbol of creativity.

The Tree of Life is within the Rose: it is the core of Knowledge, the highest.
The Sun, indicated with its own symbol, is located in Tiphéreth and from there it illuminates and nourishes the whole. The Sun is the great guide.
The Gold, with which the paths that connect the different Sephirah are outlined and with which the outer circle is designed, expresses the principle of the realization in matter.

About the esoteric and cultural value of the sephirotic Tree Aïvanhov says:

«Per essere guidati nel nostro lavoro spirituale e perché ci venga indicato il cammino da seguire, abbiamo bisogno di un metodo. Per me, il metodo migliore che esista è lo studio dell’Albero sefirotico. È vero che molti santi e mistici hanno percorso il cammino della luce senza conoscere l’Albero sefirotico, ma il fatto di conoscerlo offre una visione più chiara del lavoro da realizzare. Per questo insisto affinché impariate ad approfondirne tutti gli aspetti. Con Malhuth, concretizzate le cose. Con Iesod, le purificate. Con Hod, le comprendete e le esprimete. Con Netzah, insufflate in esse la grazia. Con Tiphereth, le illuminate. Con Geburah, lottate per difenderle. Con Hessed, le sottomettete all’ordine divino. Con Binah, date loro la stabilità. Con Hohmah, le fate entrare nell’armonia universale. Infine, con Kether, ponete su di esse il sigillo dell’eternità».

(Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, Pensiero del giorno mercoledì 25 maggio 2011)

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