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The International Study Centre Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, has a Library, whose premises are located at the headquarters of the Foundation. The Library is endowed with all the texts published in many languages by Editions Prosveta, but also video and audio conferences given by Aïvanhov, as well as a variety of texts and materials related to his Teaching and, more generally, to the Science of the Spirit.

The Library is open to everyone and access is completely free.
The texts and all the material that the Library offers can be consulted only on site. The Library does not provide lending services.
The entire Work of the philosopher Aïvanhov is going to be cataloged and classified, to allow easy access to all the individual topics, thanks to an electronic archive for easy reference and full access.

  • Opening time of the Library (to be defined): Thursday and Friday, from XX to YY

  • More information: e-mail:

                                   tel.: +39 - 3884615800

The Library of the International Study Centre Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov normally collects works of the philosopher Aïvanhov, and of his Master, Peter Deunov, but works of great thinkers, philosophers, spiritual teachers and sacred texts from different traditions and in different languages are also available.

If you want to contribute to extension of the Library of the Study center, donating one or more books that deal with these topics mentioned above, you can send them to this address:

Fondazione Omraam Onlus
c/o Villa di Vico
via del Lago 26
50018 Scandicci (FI)

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